ॐ त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम्। उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान् मृत्योर्मुक्षीय मामृतात्॥


In the may of 2012,

At only 27, I was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma i.e. breast cancer. My prognosis included first a surgery followed by 6 cycles of chemotherapy, 31 sittings of radiation and hormone therapy. In surgery, 13 lymph nodules were extracted from my right side due to which my right arm is almost perpetually swollen with lymphatic fluid drainage.

After the completion of it all, all I did was pray for a long remission. But alas! I relapsed in August of 2015 with a single met in my 10 ribs on the left side. The process was almost the same yet again. First, a surgery, the 10 rib from my back was completely extracted followed by another 6 cycles of chemo.

I lost my hair again and gained close to 10 kilos due to water retention. It had taken me a long time to get back to my normal self the first time and to my dismay…it was happening all over again, except this time, I was bedridden for 2 months because of a missing rib! Yet I was hopeful.

Last year,

In Feb, was my last chemo and I knew that it’s going to be okay. But cancer had fallen for me. It just wouldn’t let go. Last November, my scan lit up like a city on a Diwali night. I was declared terminal and it had spread everywhere. My bones had metastasized completely and there were met in my liver too. December of 2016 was very critical for me. I was immediately given palliative radiation to reduce my chances of a spinal fracture.

And I started IMMUNOTHERAPY and oral chemo with uncountable shots for bone strengthening along with hormone therapy.

I had my PET SCAN in March 2017 and in just three months the lesions had disappeared. My scan came clear! My cancer antigen count has fallen from 1593 to 60! Me and everyone around including my doctors couldn’t believe it!

I have experienced a miracle in my this lifetime. @i.am.survivor and there is nothing this disease can take away from me. I treated it like the flu. And decided would not give it the importance and weight it usually gets. To give something so horrible, so much attention is not worth it. I dissuaded it with a smile and I experienced a miracle. We all deserve a miracle!
I have written a book since as I knew I have a story to tell! Yes, it’s fiction but the anguish this disease brings is from my own experience of it. It’s available in India, USA and UNITED KINGDOM. the links are below👇 Check it out! Please share, like and follow. Spread the word!


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